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Vedic Ayurcure Health and Retails Private Limited is India’s leading healthcare food supplements providers. The vision to give free healthcare services with no side effect herbal food supplements and ayurvedic products has started its operations in the market in 2009 as a partnership firm, which has been converted in Private Limited in 2018.

Now the company has a large business network in almost all the states of India as well as 100+ Ayurcure Wellness Centers around the nation. Our direct sales associates (Independent Product Sellers) are available in each and every corner of India with the common mission to spread wellness in every home of India. We have more than 1 million happy customers in India.

With the core leadership of wellness experts, doctors and scientists the company is sincere to provide best quality healthcare products and services. We have 25 full time and 100+ part time doctors and specialists to serve the civilians with a better mode. We are organizing more than 200 free health consultation camps in different cities of India every month. Medical consultation in the camps is absolutely free.

The main objective of Vedic Ayurcure is to provide Healthy and Prosperous life to all of its associates and customers.


Free Healthcare support to all with high quality and low price healthcare food supplements and products at door steps


Uplift quality of life with higher standard healthcare services to all


Our satisfied customer says

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